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Automatic Lubricators and Greasing Systems Fewer Breakdowns and Less Maintenance

ETS distributes a wide range of industrial lubricants including an automatic grease lubrication system for any single-point lubricating task with grease or oil. Coming in five different sizes to lubricate all possible kinds of lubricating points and systems, 24 hours a day, the advantages of using our auto greasing systems include:

  • Excellent efficiency
  • Universal use
  • Reliability
  • Environmental compatibility

ETS use Simalube lubricators in our auto grease systems because they’re proven to be efficient and reliable.

Eliminate Manual Lubrication

Automatic lubricators for automatic greasing systems remove the need for manual lubrication by grease gun or any other cumbersome applicator. They reduce valuable maintenance team hours, as the Simalube lubricators guarantee a reliable and consistent supply of your chosen lubricant in pre-adjusted proportions. The amount of lubricant can be quickly and easily adjusted using an Allen key, making out auto grease systems easy for anyone to modify.

Eliminate Contamination

Automatic greasing systems provide a constant positive pressure to the bearing/seal, which all but eliminates the ingress of dirt; ensuring grease points are not missed. Plus you have the added peace of mind the correct amount of grease has been applied.

Reduce Wear and Tear on Equipment

Consistent greasing of a point keeps friction levels down (lower temperature) and increases component life. This will result in improved running time of your equipment.

Easier and Safer

Automatic lubricators for automatic greasing systems are ideal for difficult to get to grease points so are also safer for your maintenance crew.

Major advantages of automatic lubricators:

  • Fully adjustable 12 month timer
  • Ability to turn on and off
  • Environmentally friendly and refillable
  • Cost effective – reduces maintenance
  • Universal use, suitable for a variety of applications


Most automatic lubricants for automaticgreasing systems operate throughout a wide range of temperatures to suit just about any application including the automatic lubrication of:

Contact us online to discuss your auto grease lubricator needs and how Simalube can be used in your industry today.

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