Stationary gas engine oils

gas engine oils

High performance lubricants for stationary engines running on all types of gas

ETS  are distributors for high performance gas engine oils and lubricants. Stationary engines are used for power generation, water and sewage treatment or refuse treatment sites to produce renewable power.

We exclusively use the Q8 Mahler range as our gas engine oil solution

ETS supply Q8 oil products for gas engines across Australia, with proven capacity to:

  • Reduce operating costs by reduced oil consumption
  • Prevent lacquer build up
  • Provide stability and reliability
  • Offer competitive and affordable pricing

We’ve selected some of the highest performing gas engine oils that offer: balanced performance, control a variety of ash levels, and help increase the longevity of engines. ETS also offers a logistic solution to customers, assisting in the delivery of bulk gas engine oil in Australia. Our team offers strong customer support and technical backup.

OEM approval in a range of gas engines

Q8 gas engine oils have OEM approval in the world’s leading engine manufacturers such as:

  • GE Jenbacher,
  • Caterpillar,
  • Waukesha,
  • Ficantieri, GMT (VM),
  • Perkins,
  • Guascor,
  • MAN,
  • MWM (Deutz),
  • Rolls Royce Bergen,
  • Tedom

Discuss your gas engine oil needs with one of our qualified and experienced professionals today.