Air sentry

Whitmore’s Air Sentry division was specifically designed to create and supply state-of-the-art contamination control products. ETS is proud to supply industries across the nation with Air Sentry products and contamination control solutions.

Benefits of Air Sentry breathers

  • Increase efficiency
  • Protect expensive equipment
  • Prolong machine fluid life
  • Reduce maintenance costs & downtime

At ETS we exclusively supply desiccant breather solutions from the full Air Sentry range.

ETS Can Supply all Air Sentry® products, including:

  • The X-Series breather, which is suited to high dust and humid environments. Featuring a reusable top cap – once the gold silica gel filter has turned dark green it is replaced with a new cartridge. This extends the service life of the breather and can return a better ROI than other desiccant breathers on the market.
  • Air Sentry® Z-Series breathers are designed for applications where space is limited or air flow requirements are below 5 cfm. The Z-Series is typically used on gearboxes and low fluid volume applications where mounting space is limited or where a larger breather won’t fit without remote mounting.
  • Coming in 2 standard sizes, the D-Series is designed to suit the majority of requirements in stationary fluid management applications. Featuring airflow ratings of 20 cfm and with a 2-micron solid particle filtration these disposable models clearly indicate when they need to be replaced, changing from a gold colour to a dark green.
  • GUARDIAN breather is the first breather ever constructed of Tritan – the most chemical, temperature and impact resistant casing on the market. It has an isolated check valve, an integrated compound/vacuum pressure valve and is stackable.

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