Brugarolas has a long and rich history of continuously working to achieve maximum quality. With numerous machine lubricants across a range of industries, ETS offers a select number of products for the Australian market.

Mobile Plant Lubricants

ETS offers three Brugarolas lubricants for mobile equipment: GA Beslux Plex, GA Aurea EH-2 (green) and GA Aguila Plex. These lubricants are specially designed to:

  • React to prevent irreversible damage occurring
  • Reduce or eliminate costly unscheduled downtime
  • Save significant dollars on maintenance
  • Optimise plant and equipment efficiency

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Drilling Lubricants

The Brugarolas GA Drill Compound offers:

  • Excellent wear protection
  • Outstanding mechanical stability
  • Sealing against the ingress of contaminants
  • Extension of component life including drill bits and pistons

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