Escalator & Elevator Lubricants

escalator chain lube

For enhanced safety and durability, invest in escalator and elevator lubrication from Simalube®

With over 30 years of experience, ETS is the trusted provider of quality lubricants for commercial and industrial applications right across Australia.

Dedicated to delivering high quality products and services that are sure to impress, the user-friendly escalator and elevator rope lubrication systems from Simalube® is no less. Simalubes automatically apply consistent lubrication, to achieve optimal care of your elevators and escalators.

Simalube® benefits for elevators:

  • Eliminate the need for containers to catch excess oil
  • Smooth and quiet elevator operation
  • Reliable lubrication of traction cables and guide rails

Simalube® benefits for escalators and moving walkways:

  • Seamless and silent operation
  • Prevents any potential build-up of electrostatic charge or sparking
  • Reliable lubrication of escalator guide rollers, step chains and drive chains

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Maximise the longevity of your investment with elevator and escalator lube

As the premier provider of automatic lubricators Australia-wide, turn to ETS for cost-effective and efficient solutions to suit all your applications.

For more information on our range of escalator and elevator lubrication supplies from Simalube®, fill in our online enquiry form or contact us today!