Molybond specialised lubricants

From dragline lubrication to mining applications, ETS uses Molybond across a range of applications

Molybond offer a range of specialised lubricants across industries and applications. ETS is Australia’s leading supplier of machine grease, so whether you’re after wire rope, open gear or mining lubricant from Molybond – rest assured that we provide it!

Molybond Dragline Lubricants

      • Reduces operating temperatures
      • Increases the life of components by reducing wear
      • Extends oil change intervals (up to 20,000 hours)
      • Meets Heavy Industrial Environment and Australian Mining regulations

    Great for industrial gear boxes, worm drive gears and conveyor drive gear boxes; Molybond is one of the high performance brands we suggest for dragline lubrication and gearbox oils.

    Mobile Plant Lubricants

      • Open gear lubes that reduce temperatures and reduces wear, thereby prolonging open gear life
      • Prolongs open gear life
      • Transparent
      • High Load carrying capacity
      • Excellent adhesion

    Molybond has designed their products for a range of uses including: earthmoving machines, mining equipment, sugar mill gears, heavy duty bearings and more. View our full range of mobile plant lubricants in Australia or enquire online today.

    Molybond Drilling Lubricants

      • That reduce heat, friction and wear
      • Reduces the wear, friction and heat to bearings when applied
      • Wide operating temperature
      • No drip formula
      • Non-water based – does not boil
      • Great for blast hole drilling and exploration drills

    See our complete range of drilling and mining lubricants, including Molybond products, or enquire online today.