Q8 oils

ETS are sole distributors for Q8 Gas Engine oils, providing the highest quality products that exceed the technical expectations you require. Committed to meeting your needs in the most environmentally responsible way, the Q8 range is used across a variety of industries including the gas engine market, drilling, mining, logistics & more. ETS supplies a selection of their products, including:

Q8 Stationary Gas Engine Oils

  • Mahler G4, Mahler G5, Mahler MA, Mahler HA, T760, T750, T905
  • Suitable for low – high ash gas engines
  • Low deposit tendency
  • Long service life
  • Protects against rust and corrosion
  • Nitrogen & pre-ignition resistant
  • Good acid neutralising capabilities

ETS uses the Q8 Mahler product range as a preferred brand of gas engine oils in Australia. For more information, call our experienced representatives on 08 6305 0926 in Western Australia or 07 4936 1544 in Eastern Australia today.

Q8 Hydraulic Oils

  • Hayden 68 – Perfect for a range of hydraulic equipment
  • Optimum anti-wear performance
  • Long service life
  • Easy operation due to its unique combination of characteristics
  • Hayden 68 can also be applied to screw air compressors and not severely loaded gears

Q8 hydraulic oils range is one of our preferred products to use as drilling lubricants in Australia. Contact us online for more information on the Q8 oils range we supply.