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Simalube by Simatec

From their headquarters in the heart of Switzerland, Simatec has been simplifying the maintenance, fitting and dismounting of bearings for over 30 years. At ETS, we use Simatec’s Simalube product for single point automatic lubrication.

We can fill and supply your choice of any oil or grease in our lubricators.


Why use Simalube lubricants?

  • Comes in different sizes (15ml, 30ml, 60ml,125ml and 250 ml) with the most popular model being the Simalube 125ml
  • Has a refillable design and is universal for use across a range of industries
  • Adjustable flow with an allen key allows control over how much lubrication is released
  • Saves time, money and shutdown times for manual lubrication
  • Is perfect to lubricate chains, open gears, guide rails & more

ETS selects Simatec’s Simalube for its reliability, high efficiency and universal application. Ensure your roller bearings reach their expected product life with consistent lubrication from Simalube.

With operations in Western Australia and Queensland, our sales representatives are able to help you no matter where you live in Australia. Contact us today on 08 6305 0926 or 07 4936 1544

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