Since 1893, Whitmore has been providing the industry with high performing products to keep you going. ETS is proud to offer a range of Whitmore products from their mining and industrial range.

Use Whitmore Dragline Products For:

  • Wire ropes
  • Lubricate Monighan cams
  • Walking slide mechanisms
  • Heavily loaded bushings

Let our experienced service team help with your next dragline lubrication service in Australia. Enquire about how we can help you today.

Mobile Plant Lubricants

  • Rolling stock
  • Earthmoving equipment
  • Wheel bearings
  • Slewing bearings
  • Vehicle chassis points
  • U-joints
  • Pivot points
  • Bucket pins

Performing in even the most tropical climates, the Whitmore Calibre 460 M product is one of the most versatile mobile plant lubricants  available. Contact ETS to learn more about how this product can be applied to your industry today.

Drilling Lubricants

  • Rotary drilling joints
  • Rock drill tool pints
  • Drill stems & couplings

The anti-seize composition of Whitmore’s mining and drilling lubricants make Whitmore one of the best in the business. Ask ETS for more information on Whitmore products.

ETS is proud to supply selected Whitmore products in Australia